LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Training


LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Training

Course Overview: 

GCS Training’s Changeover domestic natural gas to LPG is for those holding a current CCN1 certificate or a COCN1 certificate. This course includes CoNGLP1 PD; installation servicing and repair of domestic appliances in permanent dwellings. The course can also include categories for LPG appliances in residential park homes, leisure accommodation vehicles and closed flue gas fires. These categories are optional and can be tailored to meet the operative’s needs.

Operatives need to state which modules in the package they want.  GCS Training will then quote a price and the duration of the training. 100% PLA Funding subject to eligibility.

Entry Requirements: 

GCS Training’s LPG Changeover and Categories course is for experienced operatives who already hold either Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety (CCN1) or Core Commercial Gas Safety (COCN1) and wish to work on LPG fired appliances in permanent dwellings and other premise types.

Training is not a mandatory pre-requisite to assessment!

Operatives must be experienced at working with Natural Gas installations and maintenance, and hold either the Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety (CCN1) or Core Commercial Gas Safety (COCN1). Also operatives must also hold the domestic natural gas qualification for the LPG appliance types that they wish to work on.

For example: to work on a cooker within a touring caravan operatives must hold:

·         Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1)

·         Domestic Natural Gas Cookers (CKR1)

·         LPG Changeover (CoNGLP1)

·         Leisure Appliance Vehicles (CoNGLP1 LAV)

Course Delivery: 

The course includes training and assessment on the following modules:

  • CONGLP1 – LPG Changeover (Including Permanent Dwellings).
  • CONGLP1 LAV – Leisure Accommodation Vehicles.
  • CONGLP1 RPH – Residential Park Homes.
  • CONGLP1 HTRLP2 – Closed Flue Gas Fires (LPG).

On successfully completing this course you should be able to:

  • Register yourself with the competent persons scheme (Gas Safe Register).
  • Once registered your will then be able to work on the LPG categories you have been certificated for. 
Progression Opportunities: 

Delegates attending this course may also like to consider other ACS modules to expand their business opportunities.

We also offer a vast range of renewable energy courses that include:

  • BPEC Solar Photovoltaic.(NOS Mapped)
  • BPEC  Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems.(NOS Mapped)
  • BPEC  Heat Pump Systems (NOS Mapped)


Additional Information: 

The cost of the course includes training, assessment and the certification fee, plus access to reading material. We advise that operatives purchase reading material (to assist them on site) at additional cost.

Operatives who do not wish to complete all of the modules within the package should contact GCS Training for a revised price / duration of the course. 



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