Principles of Sustainable Resource Management WAMITAB Certificate QCF Level 2


Principles of Sustainable Resource Management WAMITAB Certificate QCF Level 2

Course Overview: 

The Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Sustainable Resource Management underpins a broad range of occupational roles in the collection, transport, treatment and final management of waste and resources.

The qualification covers the wide range of knowledge needed to work at operative level on waste management sites.

To achieve this qualification a learner must complete all of the mandatory units (which total 15 credits)

  • How to work safely within the waste/recycling industry
  • Understand environmental protection in the waste and recycling industry
  • How to identify and resolve disagreements
  • Understand the principles of the waste/recycling industry
  • Understand the principles of identifying and classifying waste
  • Understand the ‘Duty of Care’ within the waste/recycling industry
  • ERR (Employment Rights and Responsibilities) in the energy and utility sector

Learners can then choose four units from the optional group:

  • Understand policy and legislation in the waste management industry
  • Understand the reasons and targets for recycling
  • Understand the requirements for the transportation of waste
  • Understand management systems
  • Know about waste treatment technologies
  • Technical aspects of managing waste and resources
  • Understand planning requirements in the waste/recycling industry
  • How to identify and record hazardous waste
  • Understand environmental permitting in England and Wales
  • Understand operational systems and procedures in the waste/recycling industry 
  • Know the materials arising within the waste and recycling industry 
  • Know how to maintain confidentiality of information within the waste/recycling industry 
  • Perform street cleansing manually 
  • Perform street cleansing mechanically

Assessment may vary depending on the individual candidate but could include assignments, ‘on-the-job’ assessment or workbooks.

Entry Requirements: 

There are no entry requirements for this qualification, though candidates will need to be employed in a suitable position, as it is assessed ‘on-the-job’. We and employers must be confident that the potential candidate has the learning potential/capacity, motivation and aptitude to achieve all of the mandatory outcomes of the framework

Course Delivery: 

This qualification provides the necessary skills and knowledge for people working in a broad range of waste and resource management occupations at an operational level. This qualification forms the knowledge component of the Sustainable Resource Management Apprenticeship.

This qualification covers:

  • Environmental protection
  • Health and safety
  • Duty of care
  • Principles of the waste and recycling industry
  • Classification of waste

Plus optional units which include:

  • Policy and legislation
  • Treatment technologies
  • Reasons and targets for recycling
  • Knowing the materials that arise in the Industry
  • Waste permitting
  • Understanding planning requirements
Progression Opportunities: 

The qualification forms part of the Sustainable Resource Management Apprenticeship at Level 2. It also provides progression to the Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Sustainable Resource Management.

Additional Information: 

The faculty is represented by tutors who have all previously worked at management level within the sustainable resource industry. Our tutors hold qualifications in waste management and recycling and currently work with a wide variety of organisations providing training to both the public, private and third sector.


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